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New Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Walkthrough!And New Rooms!

Hey Guys, Today Club Penguin Released a Brand New Mini Game For All Players But Mainly For Members 😦 There Is 1 For All Players and 2 Others For Members Which Can Then Lead To another New Room!

Click On The Board And Then It Will Ask You To Play Click Yes And Then This Board Pops Up Which Shows You Which Ones You Can Play!

The One With The Blue Puffle On Is The One For Everyone The Pink And Black Puffle Are For Members Only 😦 When You Complete The Black Puffle One You Recieve A Key To a New Room!

You Use The Arrows To Venture Across The Water On The Ice Blocks!

When You Go Across The Water You See a Puffle Frozen And You Walk Over It And You Pick It Up And You Balance It On Your Arm

When You Complete A Level This Message Comes Up Theres about 10+ Levels In 1 Puffle Rescue!
Also Next To The Board You See a Entrance Walk Through It And You See This Room,

You See That Stand To The Left Click This and This Message Pops Up!

Isnt That Awesome, And Theres Another New Room!

As You Can See To The Right Theres a Door With a Note On It Click The Note And This Pops Up!

I Cant Do That Because Im Not a Member! 😦
This Game Is Awesome Dont You Think? Comment Your Thoughts!



4 Responses

  1. The new game is awesome! 🙂

  2. rock hopper is so dumb he makes club penguin dumb!!! he makes everything for members so that he can earn money!!!!!!! WHY CANT ROCK HOPPER MAKE EVERY THING FREE



  4. ime a member. a kind one. do you want me to stay here and keep coming back?!?

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