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Club Penguin Times Issue #231

Hey Guys, Today Is Thursday, So The Brand New Issue Of The Club Penguin Times Has Been Released #231 Thats Alot Of Newspapers 🙂 Most Of The Focus Is On The PPA [Penguin Play Awards] And The New Game Puffle Rescue.

Isnt Puffle Rescue An Awesome Game, The PPA Is Today, Awesome! Heres The Page About The Puffle Rescue.

Lost Of People Love The Game And Explain There Happiness Of The New Game And Talk About Puffles. Now To The PPA.

The PP Awards Are This Week, And I Cant Wait, Im Going To Vote For My Favourite 1…

Underwater Adventure. It Was An Awesomeness Play And I Really Loved It, It Was Rocking, Which One Was You Favourite!

The Events Are:
– March 19th New Puffle Furniture
– March 26th New Igloo Music
– March 30th Winning PPA Play At The Stage
– April 1st April Fools Party 😀
Woop April Fools Party My Favourite Party Ever Its Awesome Dont You Think, Comment Your Thoughts.

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