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How To Get Aunt Arctic & Cadance Background The Easy Way!

Hey Penguins, Today Club Penguin Realed The Penguin Play Awards And Aunt Artic And Dj Cadance Are Visiting The Island! So Im Going To Show You How To Get Their Background The Easy Way!
1. Click Buy Items.

2. Click Enter Item Id

3. Then Enter The Id 9015 For Cadance

3. Enter The Id 9021 For Aunt Artic

4. Click Yes And Congratulations & Celebrations You Know Have Cadance And Aunt Arctics Background

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2 Responses

  1. WOAH!!!!!! Awesome posts though just so u know if cp see ur site they may not give u exclusives like the one they gave some people before card jitsu fire came out. This is because in there rules it says no 3rd party programs 🙂 But on the bright side awesome posts

  2. i know but if they ever did look [highly doubtfull 😦 ] they would be gone

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