Mrkrabs Needs You Is Now Over!

Hey Guys, Remember Ages Ago I Needed Help Deciding Which Outfit Would Be My Official Outfit? Well After Long Hard Voting The Contest Is Now Over.

The Votes Have Been Counted And Verified And I Can Know Reveal Mrkrabs’s Official Outfit Is…..[plays weird beat]

Option 1:

Here Was The Finnal Votes On The Poll:

Was Number 1 The One You Voted For? Or Not, Please Comment 🙂



3 Responses

  1. Gongratulations you guess D as the right answer in my membership contest! Please Check Your email for the pass to the next round!

    Then Enter it at:

    ~ Roxanne Guinoo

  2. Heyy Mrkrabs987 Im Having a 1 Month Membership Contest and a Coin Code contest! All it take is to answer 10 questions in 1 comment!

    Heres the Contest:

    It’s Ok If you dont want to enter!
    ~ Roxanne Guinoo

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