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Club Penguin Reviewed By You!

Hey Penguins, Club Penguin Have Posted The New Reviewed By You On The Whats New Blog! Club Penguin Asked How We Were Celebrating The Penguin Play Awards! Heres What Yoshi96 said:

Me and my friends are throwing our very OWN Penguin Play Awards right in my igloo! I’ve got the stage, some snacks, a backstage, the velvet ropes, and the red carpets all set up. We’re celebrating before the Awards so that we know what to choose during the Awards. By the time that the Penguin Play Awards start, we’ll already have our Plays chosen! 😉

Next Week, Club Penguin Wants To Know, What Is The Best Party We Have Created Ever? Remember They Have To Be 50 – 75 words. Comment At The Club Penguin Blog. If Yours Is Picked, You Get 10,000 Coins added! 🙂

Comment Your Thoughts Please.



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