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New Club Penguin Blog Post

Club Penguin has a new blog post about the hidden pin ( The Frog Pin, check below for where it’s at ) and new postcards. Here’s what Billybob had to say,

There are new postcards out in Penguin Mail and we’ve noticed some of you turning green already! We’ve heard lots of you are using postcards to make friends, invite your buddies to play games and even tell about igloo parties you’re planning.

In other news, there’s a new pin that’s been hidden somewhere on the island! Good luck finding it.

Also Billybob asked us for new post card ideas you can tell them here!

~Moon Man Two, ClubPenguin Kingdom Author


2 Responses

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  2. Hey Salty,
    It’s me, Vietpride28. Just wanted to drop by to say hi. Thanks for having me on your blog roll!

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