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Club Penguin Medieval Party! And New Shield Pin!

Yo Guys, Today Club Penguin released the Medieval party and as always its awesome. But as for the free item for non members 😦 Right first ill tell you where the free item is.
>Open Your Map
>Go To The Beach
>The Go Inside The Lighthouse
>Then walk over the hat

Its the wizard hat… again Argghh! Club penguin is getting to a point where its a game for members not non members 😦 Next The Quests. As you may of heard there is not one but two quests. A Knights quest and one for Knights and princess’s

>Open your map
>Then go to the mine!
Both quests are for members only… Sucks 😦 Heres the instructions for the two quests. 1. Read the signs, 2. Solve the puzzles 3. Collect the treasure

Now for the pin. 1. Open up your map 2. Go to the cove 3. Walk over the shield.

Its awesome, I Love the new pin, wish there could be 3 one green. one purple and one yellow. Awesome!

Comment your thoughts on the Medieval Party!



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