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Club Penguin Better Igloo Catalog & Igloo Upgrades!

Hey Guys, Today Club Penguin released a new igloo upgrade and better igloos. First we’ll start with the better igloo catalog! Its awesome, its medieval themed woo!And plant

I Love it next page!

Click the blue flower shoot for the ficus plant! Also click the leaf which is cricled for poodle plant!

Awesome 🙂 Click the middle gold poll thing on the chair for the snake grass plant! Also click the middle part of the banner for the bulrushes.

Awesome, Click the the top on the green vase for the HD TV!  I Love the HD TV 🙂

Last months catalog bits, Click the middle shelf on the bookshelf for Green Deck Chair, Click the metal part of the curtains for the Recycle bin! And Click the lamp chade for the Green Bookshelf.

Clearance time, Get your clearance items here! Click the top of the tree stump for the Clover Balloon.

Click the mailbox part that is highlighted for the blue lamp!
Now the igloo uogrades there 1 new igloo and another igloo!

I Love the grey ice castle Im upgrading by igloo soon! Update yours for a chance to win igloo of the month!

Comment your thoughts!



3 Responses

  1. Awesome Krabbby boy! LOL, keep up the rockin’ good work

  2. LOL Thanks 🙂 will do

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