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Club Penguin Mission 11 ”Veggie Villan” And How to get free item gift!

Hey Guys, Mrkrabs here posting the brand new Mission 11 Guide. This mission is worth the 1 year wait it rocks! Many of you have probably discovered it now, But anyways let’s get on with the guide.
1. Go to the Hq and open up the mission folder, and select veggie villan
2.When you are in the mission speak to G!

3. When he asks you what the seeds are click any then click corn seeds.
4.When you told G what they are G will tell you that Jet Pack guy and rookie are at the gift shop.Speak to rookie and then collect the corn seeds that are on the floor!

5.Then go upstairs and talk to Jet Pack Guy!If you want collect the corn seeds!

6.Once you have spoke to Jet Pack Guy, open your inventory and click the spy phone, and go to the Hq, When you get there this will happen

7. After speaking to G go to the lighthouse and collect the CD[under the piano] The cleaning thing above the speaker and then go to the left and collect the can.

8.Take the can to the dock and fill it up then put it in your inventory for later[see why at the end to get the gift]!

9.Once you have done that go to the Ski Village and click the box next to the screen get your CD Out and click eject and put the cd in player.
10. Then get your spanner out and undo the bolts.

11.Once you have done that click it and this will pop up!
12. You have to click different colours it hard use the hints, theres many different ways i did that 1.

13.Once you have done that it will reveal where the signal is coming from. Then go to the mine shack and click on the corn field.On the way you find a piece of wood, put it in your inventory
14. When you reach the river get the wood and put it over the river to cross it.

14.Theres different ways to get through the corn field so you may have to work it out your self

15.After that you’ll find yourself at a ladder, Use the corn and put it in the fire to make the ladder come down!

16.When the ladder comes down go up the ladder and you’ll find Herbert and Klutzy talking, Once they have finished talking, Click the plug to unplug the computer.

17.Then go back to the Hq, with the corn counter thingy! Herbert will come up on the screen again.

18.Speak to G

19.Go to the cupboard and click the message thing, it spells orange book.

20.Click the orange book which is next to the cupboard

21.Once you have clicked the book Agent Dot from EPF appears from the cupboard, Haha!

22.When your outside the popcorn bomb explodes and destroys the Hq, and the PSA is over so we begin to work for EPF I think

You Have Now Completed Mission 11!

Now how to get the free item.
1. Using the the can filled with water, go to the Gadget room
2. Use the chamber and put it in it and click freeze
3. Put the ice in your inventory, and go to Rory located at the beacon speak to him them give him the ice.
4. Take the lense thats spare, then go to the penguin at the Ski Village.
5. Speak to him then give him the Lense.
You now have the gift to get the item open your gift in your inventory and click the red button.

This is what it looks like on your penguin…

They’re awesome right?

Hope you liked this post it took a very long time at least 1 hour! Please show your appreciation by commenting, Do you like the new mission? I Love it, Comment your thoughts!

~Mrkrabs987, Owner Of Club Penguin Kingdom~


8 Responses

  1. Amazing Tutorial on Mission 11. I couldn’t do better.


  2. Yes you could haha Thanks riffster =] You rock!

  3. Love ya guide, i didnt know about the free item until I read this

  4. Omg. Krabs. I hate you. I forgot the glasses because you’re the only guide I found that had it… LOL. Good work!

  5. Gay i did it an did not get The Glasses 😥

  6. click the red button on the gift

  7. lol thx 😉 why u hate me tho lol

  8. If only more than 55 people could read this.

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