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Mrkrabs987 Ask Me Anything Week 1!

Hey Guys, Last week i started Ask Me Anything, and we had some questions asked so im going to answer the first lot of questions!
Question 1 – How Did You Achieve This Far?By Spike4421
Answer: Well This site was mostly done my Staly Vegas, But hardword, Determination and Advertising.
Question 2 –
How long have you been Blogging for? By Spike4421
Answer- Well Im Not 100% Sure Its about 3/4 Years heres my first site www.mrkrabs987bluey918273.wordpress.com
Question 3 – How Old Is Your Penguin? By NickoCP
Answer: 873 Days Old
Question 4 –
Can work at your site?By superbub349cp
Answer: Not at the moment but when im looking for authors be sure to enter!
Question 5 –
 What country do you live in?By Caldog9
Answer: I Live In England 🙂
Question 6 –
Why is the best thing you like about CP?By Kiwy604
Answer: The opportunity to meet new friends and talk to people, but the worst thing is being a non member!
Question 7 –
What do u think of cp? By Revgreen
Yeah, its Cool But non members it sucks I Would love to see something like WW where non members can get clothes!

Woo, First Week Done, Comment Your Questions For Next Weeks!



3 Responses


  2. Why’d You Make The Name ‘MrKrbas987’?

  3. 1. How did you think of your penguin name?
    2. If you owned Club Penguin, what kind of changes would you make to it?
    3. If you have any, how many Club Penguin toys have you collected?

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