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Club Penguin Kingdom’s 100,000 Website Hits Party Review!

Howdy Penguins! Remember that 100,000 hits party invite I posted a while ago? Well, today was the party and if you missed it, you sure did miss out on a raving party. Therefore, we thank everybody who showed up and it was a blast! Blah Blah, REVIEW!

When i first logged on they all said Congratulations arent they cool! Haha Thats right at the start!

About to move place, Some people left straight away!

We Moved To The Ski Hill and then the whole crowd came back! Teehee

We Had Some Games of Sled Race! I Won 1 And came 2nd in the other hehe!

This Is The Last Picture At Mountain! Isnt awesome so far!

Haha I Got Them To Say Grub Hehe! More people said it after i took picture.

Then We Moved to HQ but too many people was there so we moved to back to the town!

Theres alor of people there hehe!

Another At The Town!

We Went to my igloo after And stayed there for abit!

We Moved to the Dojo and had some great games of Card Jitsu!

I Had 3 Games, Lost them all because i kept getting lame cards not my awesome cards that i unlocked!

Lastly We Went to the beach. That was awesome Now Featured Penguins!

Congratulations Guys! Now I Said that i was going to give a Card Jitsu code to the most active penguin. I was stuck on two penguins which to chose. But the winner of the Card Jitsu Fire Code Is…Ninjinian… He kept getting people to certain places and stopped people going anywhere haha, He stayed there all the way through to. Ninji comment with your email address ASAP!

Comment your thoughts of this party and comment if you can see your self 🙂



8 Responses

  1. Awesome! I was Guy71173

  2. WOW! That party rocked! I wish i was there Dx

  3. Congrats Ninjinian! You did a great job! And Mrkrabs987, that was a great party! And yes, I was Shadow Xman. =D


  4. hehe i thought of the idea of congratulating you

  5. Haha Thanks Monchocho

  6. WOW I WON! Thanks my friend! Krabby you rock! Here’s my email:


    Once again thx!!!

  7. Hey Krabby, thanks for the awesome party!! =D I was in a LOT of the Pictures, like I said on twitter, please follow me!! ~Piplup21883

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