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Mrkrabs987 Ask Me Anything Week #2

Hey Guys, 2 Weeks ago I started Ask Me Anything, and we had some questions asked so im going to answer the second lot of questions!
1. How did you think of your penguin name?By Ninjinian And Dupple
Answer: Well i chose the name Mrkrabs987 because crabs are my favourite animals, and mrkrabs was my favourite character from Spongebob, and 987 Because Mrkrabs wasnt available!
2. If you owned Club Penguin, what kind of changes would you make to it?By Ninjinian
Answer: I Would make it so Non-Members could actually could buy stuff, and not have member partys!
3. If you have any, how many Club Penguin toys have you collected?By Ninjinian
Answer: I Have 12 mix ‘n’ match figures, and loads of Card Jitsu cards LOL!

Haha Thanks guys, Comment your questions for next week on this post!



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