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Club Penguin Adventure Party Sneak Peak!

Hey Guys, Club penguin released a new blow post,about the amazing Adventure party. The adventure party is a blast! I Cant wait! So the whole island is being transformed for this party. There will be adventures everywhere, with lots of rooms for pirates, castaways, mermaids, commanders and TONS more. And for members we have a special surprise…YAY! A Member thing! Woop!
Adventure Sneak Peek.jpg
That looks as if, on one side you stand on the squares and it fires snowballs, and the other boat, you throw snowballs into it and it fires it away!
Woo I cant wait for the party, Its freaking awesome. I Cant wait for the special member thing either.

Comment your thoughts on this party!



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  1. hey ill tell i dont have a website ok!

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