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Club Penguin Field Ops Cheats

Penguins around the Island are very busy, finding explosive popcorn, checking out their improved EPF Spy Phones, and talking to Gary. The main thing today, is that Field Ops has finally been released! As we guessed, Field Ops, is mini missions. You can do 1 per week, and this week, here’s my guide:

First of all, to start the Mission, head over to the EPF HQ, and click on the Field Ops mission.

A message from Gary will pop up. This is regarding a PopCorn Device, near the Big ‘S’.

Click ‘Accept Field-Op’. Now head over to the Big ‘S’. – It is in the Town, attached to the ‘S’, on the word Disco, from the Night Club. Now open you’re EPF Gadget.

Play the Matching Game. – How to Play: Hover over each Circle, click on the first one, then try to find the next one, matching it.

When you’ve completed that… Well Done! You’ve completed Mission 1, and earn’t one Medal.

In other news: Rockhopper has been spotted, in the Beacon telescope! Also, some mysterious Herbert Statue has been found at the Mine Shack. – Why not go and check it out?

-Caldog9, Author.


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