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New Blog Name!?!

Hey Guys, Today I was thinking that I should change the name of this blog, So Im going to hold a competition, the winner obviously gets there suggestion as the name of the blog.

If the name was something like Club Penguin Seven[A Classic amazing blog] I Would hold a author contest to get at least 6 authors, Comment your suggestions and then the best will go into a poll!




31 Responses

  1. name it BIG club penguin cheats

  2. “The Official Club Penguin”

    Good luck everyone 😉

  3. Club Penguin CheatsCP

    Good luck To everyone! 🙂

  4. MrKrabsbestCpcheats.com 😀

  5. Club Penguin 987 =D

  6. hmmm
    CP Cheats of the Universe

  7. The CP Cheating Paper?

  8. Klutzy The Mrkrabs987 Crab Offical Krabby Cheats xD

  9. CpFastCheats.com

    LOL! 😀

  10. Club Penguin Cheaters and the websight will be Clubpenguincheaters.com

  11. Look at these domains. But don’t look at the Mxz ones: http://twitpic.com/1di1ps , Mrkrabs987CP.com , Mrkrabs987.com , KrabbysCPGuide.com , KrabbysCPCheats.com , KrabbyCP.com , ClubPenguin987.com , ClubPenguinKrabby.com , ClubPenguinKrabs.com , ClubPenguinKrab.com ! 😉

  12. Mr Krabs CP Cheats 24/7

  13. CP Planet?

  14. How about “The CP Club” or “The CP World” or “The CP Universe”

  15. Yeah.. a Name.. i’ll Call it, “Club Penguin Cheats 24/7” Its Simple Name, And Its The Best one Yet. >:D


  16. “Mrkrabs987’s Awesome Pwnage CP Cheats”

  17. “Mrkrabs987’s Awesome Pwnage CP Cheats”

    Like it? I hope my own gets into the poll!

    Good Luck everyone!

  18. http//herbertandkrabbyscpcheatsforyou.wordpress.com

    Like it?
    lol plz

  19. Today, I will be hosting an underwaterfest! Here is some info.
    Date: June 27th, 2010
    Time: 4:00 p.m. PST
    Server: Caribou
    Place: My igloo, morphing into other places as I go along!

    I will be able to add you as a buddy because I only have 25, and anyone who wants to come can come!

    See ya there,

  20. BTW I think it should be named The Club Penguin Times Updated regularly.

  21. ” The Ultimate Guide For All Things Club Penguin-ish!”

    You can take out the “-ish” part if you don’t like it. (:

  22. How about “Club Penguin Kingdom: All things Club Penguin all the time!”

  23. Here’s a cool domain name for you:
    ClubPenguinSpeed (dot) com
    Your catchphrase could be this:
    Club Penguin Speed: The Fastest Club Penguin Guide.

    -Double Mvp 😉

  24. cpkrab.com

  25. Big CP Krabs
    Unbeatable CP Cheats
    Amazing Krabs With CP Cheats
    CP DJ Krab
    CP Cheats forever (and it could be all sparkly)
    Mr Krabs CP Cheats

  26. Krab’s Cp expert or cp expert

  27. My twitter account is aquatica98

  28. Club Penguin Krabs, Krabby Club Penguin, Krabby Club Penguin Cheats

  29. The Ultimate Club Penguin Cheats (TUCPC

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