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Club Penguin Field Op #2

Hello Guys, Today Club Penguin released the 2nd field op! Its harder than last week but not by much! Its cool! You get 1 medal too I saved mine 🙂

[Click For Bigger View]
You have to find an antenna which Is up high! The answer is Ski Hill! So go to the ski hill!

[Click For Bigger View]
Walk to the poll! Then your spy phone Should flash green! When that happens click on the Spy Phone!

[Click For Bigger View]
Now you have to guide a little Box thing through a maze!

[Click For Bigger View]
Your a little box that has a green bar inside it! Guide it to the key, which is a yellowy orangey circle and then you unlock the station thing, Go to the station things and then wait until it fills up with your bar, Do that for 2, then go back to the Big circle at the top to refill it then fill the other 2 up! Then you get your medal! CONGRATULATIONS!

Its cool right? Comment your thoughts!


8 Responses

  1. I finished the 1st assignment but when I tried the 2nd assignment it didn’t work. CP IS A BIG FAIL

  2. Awesome Guide You Helped Me Alot

  3. Thanks for the help man! It helped me out big time!

  4. Cool! Thanks for the update, Krabs!


  5. Nice one, as always your effort is amazing, Krabby! 😉

  6. i got 3 word for ya!


  8. ugh i ccant get thi down

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