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Club Penguin Urban Vinyl Figures Sneak Peak!

Hey Guys, Mrkrabs posting a new sneak peak of a brand new Club Penguin toy coming soon! They’re called Urban Vinyl figures! As its the 1st ones it Wave 1, Heres the picture! Feel free to use the picture!

They look soo weird, Especially  Dj Cadance she needs Hair! She looks so strange, Well all of them do, But The FIre Ninja and nija just look normal just rounded! If I was to buy one I would buy the Fire Ninja one!

They’re pretty cool right? Comment your thoughts!



6 Responses

  1. Hey Mr. Krabs. Back in easter i won a card jitsu code from you in an easter contest. I have been saving it and just used it, and it sayed it was used. May I please have a new one?

  2. Whhaaaat!?! I Swear i didnt use it, When i get some new ones. I will email you 1 ok? You got a twitter?

  3. I know, I was shocked too, I swear you wouldn’t have done that… Anyway, I have a twitter but don’t use it much, but I could use it if you need me too….

  4. Yeah could u start to use it, Because When i get new ones i need to no how to tell u,


  5. LMAO! The DJ Cadence toy is an epic fail, she needs hair. I have an Aunt Arctic and DJ cadence plush 😀


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