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Quickee Author Contest!

Hey Guys, Starting Monday and finishing Friday Im going on vacation with my school! And I need some people to post! I Have an admin Penguin75297 So I need 3 Authors,


Just comment telling my Why you should be author and a link to your site, the comment must be at least 35 words long!

If your good enough and have posted good enough in the week, I will keep you as a author



13 Responses

  1. I want to be an author on you website because i will be a really good one and i will post whenever needed 😀 thats all AND why did u take me away from being an author JUST BECAUSE U WANTED 1 POST 😥

  2. Hey. I want to be an author on your site because I am a really good author. I have a website of my own, http://dratelcp.wordpress.com. I have really good grammar, and I do not have spelling mistakes. I am not a really famous penguin because I do not advertise my site on Twitter. Also, if you want, you can follow me on Twitter.

  3. Hiya! I want to be an author because:I Really like this blog and would like to work on it .I have good grammar(10/10) Good spelling(9/10) My website is : paddy76scpcheats.blogspot.com . I hope I can be an author ! ~Paddy76

  4. hey i want to be author cause i show commitment, I can make advertisment videos and I am a great poster. Please choose me as your next author for fun and creativity and a better site for all your fans and yourself.

  5. I want to be an author cause i am great at putting up vids and pics. just take a look at my site http://leecrb-cpnews.blogspot.com/. please choose me and i will honor your site and try to post as much news as i could and will try to make you happy.

  6. Hmm 35 Words ? Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Twents-One Twetny-Two Twenty-Three Twenty Four Twenty-Five Twenty-Six Twenty-Seven Twenty-Eight Twenty-Nine Thirty ;D

  7. I think I would be a good author because I own a blog myself, I get exclusive pics and best words to describe my posts.I have three other admins to help me their names are: peter19045, lokus123 and redman881. Mostly I really like posting so I thought this would be another opportunity for me.Hopefully you’ll pick me.

  8. http://hcpn.wordpress.com
    I would like to be an author on your website because I can post on time and make sure that I will fill your hole until you get back as best as I can.

  9. I would like to post here becasue I enjoy helping my pals whenever I can, and I would love to help maintain your site for you until you return! Also, I think I can post with pretty good quality and help your site out.

    -Double Mvp

  10. I think I should be an author because I have got alot of expirience my site is http://www.cpcheets4u.dreamhosters well I work on it! so thats it!

  11. me laura61666 because i am a very helpful penguin and i love working on other peoples sites like mine. i wouldlike to help so when you are on hoilday you dont have to worry it will be in safe hands

    plz pick me

  12. * I have visited this site all the time and know what do do for it and fell I could be A big help!

  13. I am a experienced blogger that has been blogging for 2 years now for clubpenguin and webosaurs i own a webosaurs blog called http://mumbles98.wordpress.com and I’m authors and admins on 4 other sites I am a very well know blogger that gets the latest news always

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