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Club Penguin Field-Op #4 Cheats

Hello Penguins! I was gonna do this Post yesterday, but it was getting too late so I decided to do it now. Club Penguin released the Next Field-Op! If you need help with it, here are its Cheats:

First of all, go to the EPF Command Room and walk to the ”Field-Ops Screen”.


Gary will talk to you, click Accept Field-Op.


Now go to the Lodge Attic (Above the Ski Lodge) and walk to the Red Sofa, your Spy Phone will ring.


Click your Spy Phone, you have to finish a Mini-Game. Click Engage.


This is the same Mini-Game as the Field-Op #2. Guide your Micro-Battery with your Keyboards, you need to Charge all Big Batteries. Watch out not to get damaged by obstacles, or you have to go back to the Recharger Point.


Congrats! You have been rewarded with 1 Medal. You can use it on the Elite Gear. (:

I hope that was helpful. I only need 1 more Medal to buy the Delta Suit. (:


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  1. Hey guys, can you add me as an author? I was chosen by Mr. Krabs. 🙂 My e-mail is cpmasterscp@gmail.com

    -Double Mvp

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