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Club Penguin Field Op #5

Hey Guys Today Club Penguin released the brand new field op. Wow its gone quick, #5 already! Anyways, this week is a bit challenging it doesnt give you any hints where it is! So here we go!

Take a look, it doesnt give any hints! Well heres how to find it!

>Open your map
>Go to the forest
>Walk on to stage

Your phone will now flash green, Click it!

Its one of those annoying pair things!

I got 2 medals but Im not a member no more so its no use!

Like it, Comment your thoughts!



5 Responses

  1. I’m getting tired of the same field-ops. I know for a fact CP can be a little more creative.

    ~Ashley Di

  2. love your web page

  3. love your web pagw.

  4. I have a problem, my green light won’t flash even though I walk there. Any sugestions?

  5. @A Penguin walk right to where the guitar is behind that girl it should flash then

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