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The Club Penguin Kingdom…AWARDS!

Hey Guys, This week Ive asked some of you to help me out my telling me your favourite bloggers and designers and blogs. Well now you no why! I have put all the votes together and chose the most voted for. And heres the polls!
Favourite Blogger:

Best Designer:

Favourite Site:

You know you want to vote for me because Ill giveaway a Gold card jitsu code 🙂

Mrkrabs987’s Ultimate Fan:

Mrkrabs987’s Best Friend:

No I didnt vote for my self LOL!


Get voting Homies And Spread the word!



11 Responses

  1. yaay! 😀

  2. im an ultimate fan fan im zman321

  3. im not voting on ultmate fan because im your ultimate fan

  4. Sweet! I made one of the first Club Penguin Awards about a year ago, and I might bring it back.

    -Double Mvp

  5. Can you plz put Yazmo2007 in the running for Ultimate Fan? I am a HUGE Fan! I have always been a fan of urs but i never get to talk to u becuz ur always busy so u don’t hear from me. Can u plz put me in the running?


  6. Can you post something on my blog because I added you as an administrator.

  7. hey nice site

  8. Ha Ha! Those polls where cool!

  9. Can you put my site in those polls? http://www.cp-genius.com Club Penguin Genius. I am Donut Man 5

  10. Nice website!!

  11. This post seems to recieve a good ammount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice unique spin on things. I guess having something real or substantial to talk about is the most important factor.

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