New Author, Ashley Di

Hey everyone! My name is Ashley Di and I’m one of the four new authors here at the Club Penguin Kingdom. I’m also so excited to be working here as an author! Just in case you never heard of me before my Club Penguin user is Ashley Di but if you ever see me on Club Penguin just call me Ashly (you better remember me now *I got my eyes on you*). I’m also more than happy to add you on Club Penguin if I see you, as long as my buddy list isn’t full. Also if you see me on Club Penguin tell me how you know me because I won’t add random stalkers. When I’m not working on my blog, you can usually find me helping other people out with theirs.  If you would like to see my blog click here. So if you ever need help just ask me! I also want to say congratulations to the other three new authors! Also, thank you very much Mrkrabs for picking me as one of the new authors on your site!

~Waddle On!~

~Ashley Di


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