Soccer Game/Other Stuff

Hey guys im having a party please tell your friends on twitter Btw follow me Here come please i will be going on and off you can too but we will meet in the same place as before!   INFO AT BOTTOM FOR PARTIES.

Second, I will be having a Soccer Game,and i need some Soccer Players so if you wanna be one just comment on this post.Btw:i will be having two colors Yellow and Green!!!

Stamp Party:

When:July 26,2010

Were:Fjord,Ski Lodge

When:9:00 PST

Referees:Chubby1715,Cheda1234,__________This one is for if a Referee has to leave.

Yellow Team:________,________,________,________

Green Team_________,________,________,________

To get chosen you have to beat me in Connect Four on Club Penguin!!!

Beat Me 3 times in row YOU GET TO BE A REFEREE.

Beat me once you get to be a Soccer Player.You get to choose your team color!!!

The First People I have listed ON A TEAM IS THE TEAM CAPTAIN!!!



2 Responses

  1. I want to play. my name is cgray95

  2. Sorry I cant play. Its 2:00 am in aus time

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