Card Jitsu Giveaway!

POSTED… Take a picture if you won!

Hey Guys, Tomorrow [30th July] Im going on vacation, I will still be in the UK, And I will be back Monday night, So I will see you all on Tuesday. So authors you will have to post anything that comes out while Im not here. Anyways, Before I leave for the weekend, Im going to have a Series 3 Giveaway which was given to me by Purple Gummy for winning there contest. As the series 9 code was used by the guy who gave it them, They gave me a code which was either series3,5 or 6 so I chose 3! Im giving it away on the line below!

Card Jitsu Code: TCJ2 W9MM N8X5 VZMR

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Post update, I WIll post the code with 1 number missing, And When ive posted it I will give you a hint of what the number is!


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