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New Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Stamps!

Hey Guys, Today I was looking through my stamp book and saw a brand new game added to the game list. As you can tell by the title its PUFFLE RESCUE! These Stamps are going to be awesome!

In total there is 28 Puffle rescue stamps. Im going to try and get all the stamps, At the moment I have 99 But soon I will have what ever 28 added to 99 is. Haha!



5 Responses

  1. Hey Mr.Krabs!

    You’re back, how was your vacation?

  2. Hey Jaques123, Yeah Im back, It was cool.
    Thanks for posting, you rock (Y)

  3. Ohh yayyy your back! =D

    ~Ashley Di

  4. Could you also post on my blog since I made you an administrator?

  5. Puffle Rescue stamps are 10000000000000000000% X 300000 hard to earn. all of the people who have the stamps for puffle rescue are NOT lucky

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