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Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #251!

Hey Penguins,

Aunt Arctic has released a newspaper. This new issue talks a lot about the Mountain Expedition, as well as stamp collecting.

On page A2 it explains about collecting stamps and how penguins are working hard to earn them. Well, I’m already done! I just need special characters stamps and when Puffle Rescue stamps come out that,too.

A group of jetpackers confirmed that they saw something out of the ordinary. Their jetpacks didn’t let them get high enough to see what it was, but there’s something up there, that’s for sure.

Preparations for the Mountain Expeditioin have begun – Head to the Ski Village on August 13th to take on the challenge of the climb. There are many more events arriving to Club Penguin, look below for more info.

* August 6th – Penguin Style Catalog.
* August 13th- Mountain Expedition.
* August 20th- Better Igloos Catalog.
* August 20th- Igloo Upgrades Catalogs.

-Waddle On!


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