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Club Penguin Card Jitsu Theory

Do not copy! This post and the images strictly belong to me (Ashley Di).

Hey everyone! Ashley Di here! Lately there has been some buzz around the island that there’s going to be Card Jitsu Snow and Water, and I have some pretty good predictions about this.

My Theory:

I think that there will be a dojo for each of the Card Jitsu Snow and Water. I also believe that there will be four items we will earn and when we earn them all a jewel will be added to our amulet.

To start off with, I have a pretty accurate prediction on where the new dojos will be located. I believe that  theCard Jitsu Water dojo will be located in the Waterfall and the Card Jitsu Snow dojo will be located in the mountain. (Click picture for full size)

I also edited the Ninja Hideout a little bit to what I believe the Hideout will look like when Card Jitsu Snow and Card Jitsu Water arrive.  If you can’t see the differences the are that there will be a snow you will click on for each Card Jitsu Fire, Snow, and Water. I also edited the color of the lanterns a little bit.(Click picture for full size)

Then when I was playing Card Jitsu fire I found another piece of evidence that proves my theory correct. If you look closely at Sensei’s beard you will notice that it’s cover the amulet and only a little piece of it’s showing and it looks like a jewel for Card Jitsu Snow.

I believe that the two empty slots on the amulet is where the jewel will be placed for Card Jitsu Snow and Water.

Overall, I do think that Card Jitsu Snow and Water will be coming soon.

Please comment below telling everyone here at the Club Penguin Kingdom,  your thoughts on everything in this post.

~Waddle On!~

~Ashley Di


One Response

  1. Apparently, the next card jitsu is coming november 9th/10th 2010. (Please give credit.)

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