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Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Ultimate Guide!

Hey guys!
Today Club Penguin released the mountain expedition! To start your mountain climb go over to the ski village!

Okay, so walk into the huge arch saying “MOUNTAIN EXPEDITION”. Once you waddle in there is a big box with hats in which are marked, FREE! So now you keep your head nice and cozy for the expedition!

Also there is a supply catalog! You can either waddle over to the little hut saying SUPPLIES. Or click the little piece of paper in the bottom right corner!

It is practically most the items in the catalog except there different colours. But it is pretty cool.

Now go over to the cave and walk in. You will encounter your first puzzle. It is a tonne of icicles. You have to keep clicking random icicles to beat it.

Once you have solved that you should get a new stamp! Now walk through. You have reached your base camp now! Keep walking up to reach the next puzzle! The wood log puzzle as I call it.
Hover your mouse above the axe first. Then click the leaf.

Just keep clicking the leaf untill it disappears. Now click the axe.

Keep clicking the axe untill the wood log falls onto the ice slope. Now keep throwing snowballs at the icicles above!

Keep throwing untill they fall! When they do the log will fall and you will be able to waddle across!

Congrats! You have finished the expedition!

Click the free flags to get the flag! And click the camera twice to get the new Mountain expedition background!


Yes. There is a hidden room to! Go back to the axe puzzle by either:

1: If you have done it all you have to do is either go back to supply camp and waddle over to the ladder. Then click the bit of mountain below. Or waddle in the cave again click the red button for the icicles to go, waddle through then waddle up.
2: If you have not done it do the icicle puzzle then waddle through then up.

Okay walk to your bottom right. Then click the big ice block blocking your way!

Now waddle in!

How cool is that? Well that’s all the mountain expedition can offer! I really love this and I hope it returns! Do you?

-Charraze from http://clubpenguinallthenews.tk


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  1. nice site!

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