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Club Penguin Community Room Exclusive!?!

Hey Guys, Mrkrabs987 posting with a brand new exclusive, Yes Im late to post but only just got the image haha, Anyhow this new room is going to be like a community room I think take a look below:

This picture is from the book ‘The awesome official guide to Club Penguin’
It also says this:
“Coming Soon –  The next time you log into Club Penguin,You might just find yourself in a new location where you will be able to get the latest news, learn more about your favourite games and rooms, and find a tour guide.”
Also check this,

Notice Board:  Find out what is going on around the island and which penguins are throwing igloo parties or concerts.

Tour Guide Booth: Instead of the ski village, You will now be able to take your test to become a tour guide in the Community room.

Fish Fountain: There will also be a water fountain shooting water out of a gold fishes mouth, Awesome addition.

Awesome right? Comment your thoughts!



2 Responses

  1. Hmmm. Maybe. I’m gonna buy this book to make sure!

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    Keep up the great work!


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