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Club Penguin Kingdom Blogging Awards…THE RESULTS!

Hey Guys, Last month I posted a blogging awards post. Which has gone on for 1 long month. This post is to find out who won the awards. There was Top BloggerBest designe, Best site, My Ultimate fan, And my best friend. So here is the winners. *Drumroll*

Top Blogger goes to:…………… JMANN93 With 98 votes
2nd was Monchocho With 61 votes
And 3rd Was Mrkrabs987 with 30 votes 😀

Best Designer goes to:……………. JMANN93 With 79 Votes
2nd was  Monchocho with 55 votes
And 3rd was AlexrayWW With 23 votes

Best Website Goes to:…………….. http://www.duppleCP.com with 71 votes
2nd was http://www.thecpguides.com with 50 votes
And 3rd was http://www.mrkrabs987.co.nr With 34 Votes! 😀

Mrkrabs987’s Ultimate Fan Goes to:……. LIZARDMONKEY with 63 votes
2nd Was Dylan Dog4 with 25 votes
3rd was Verty1 + Clubpenguinman5 with 21 votes each

Mrkrabs987’s Best friend award goes to:………Pinguninja2 with 34 votes
2nd was WoffbuffetCP With 31 votes
and 3rd was Vipansh with 26 votes

They are the winners of the 2010 Club Penguin Kingdom blogging awards. Congratulations to Jmann93 for winning to awards. And Congratulations to Dupple for winning best website. Also congratulations to Lizardmonkey + Pinguninja2.



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