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New Club Penguin Igloo Upgrades and New Igloo Music!

Hey Guys, Today is…..Update Day! With the new postcards and the new login screen, Club penguin has brought igloo upgrades with them. All 3 infact, better igloos, igloo upgrades and new music. This post is dedicated to the Igloo upgrades catalog and the Igloo Music. First of the brand new amazing igloo.

This brand new igloo is the Cozy Cottage, and trust me its cozy You can also walk out of your igloo abit, Its freaking amazing…and The gym igloo returns!

The new music is, ‘You Rock!’why thank you sir XD And ‘The Ringmaster’ and ‘For Great Justice’ My favourite is You rock because its awesome. Haha. Which is your favourite and isnt the cozy cottage just amazing? Comment your thoughts!



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