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ScreenHog Visits The Snow Covered Island Of Club Penguin!

How do you like the new look of this blog? Thanks StalyvegasCP!

Hey Everyone! Mrkrabs987 reporting. Today around 12:00pm PST there was a huge buzz around the island. There was rumors that Screenhog would be logging on to Club Penguin today. Them rumors then became true. Screenhog logged on for his birthday, He was playing Hide n Seek with us, he was skipping from room to room. He even added some penguins and sent postcards too.

He left his Igloo open while He was online

I met Screenhog, check out the below picture

He Changed out fits a lot, check out these two pictures:

If you got to meet Screenhog today, then you are very lucky indeed since he hardly signs on! As you can see above, Screenhog is a beta although I’m not sure what age he is on Club Penguin! I’m guessing he’s a very old fellow though! Hey, that Rhymed! xD

I was Lucky Enough To Get Sent a Postcard By ScreenHog!

How awesome is that? If you didn’t meet Screenhog today, then you may have to wait a whole year till his next birthday when he signs on! Although I highly doubt that! He might sign online between the fall fair or something? Lets wait and see Guys!

Did you meet Screenhog? Well comment telling me yes or no! If No, why?



6 Responses

  1. Hey Crabster! 😛

    Awesome site, buddy! I’m sure StalyVegas has done you proud. By the way, how did you make the pages at the far top of the screen dissapear?


  2. Hey Mr Krabs,

    Why did you delete me from your blog? Please put me back on give me another chance I promise I’ll be posting like crazy for you. Please I love this blog!

    Staly Vegas Says: What’s Your Email Buddy? Mrkrabs987 Is away for 2 days so I’ll try and add you! Do You like the new style of This Website!

  3. Before I tell you email I was an author on this blog before Mr Krabs deleted me. My email is:

    Email Removed

  4. I like the new style of website

  5. Cool site Krabs
    Hey there awesome site ive been noticing youre blog is improving visit mine back at http://www.clubpenguinstyler.wordpress.com for competions and cheats!

  6. Staly Vegas,

    Um… I don’t want to push you so that you get mad but I was an author, not a contributor.

    Staly Vegas Says: Mrkrabs987 added you as that, not me! 😉

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