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New Club Penguin Teleports Coming Soon To The Island!

Hey Everyone! Today I found out there is a brand new movie that you can watch when you are at the EPF Command room. Well to watch the video you need to get enough penguins to fill the seats. Now when I was watching the video, I saw something very cool, that might be coming soon! Teleports? Arriving to the Island..

Isn’t that awesome guys? As well as the Access point in the Phoning facility. There could well be one located at the beach and located at the cove. That would be awesome, I little teleporter for us agents, That was in different rooms!  Cool right? Also, give us full credit as we were the first to post this! That’s why WE are your number one Club Penguin Cheats Website!

Comment your thoughts on this post Please!


8 Responses

  1. Great find! Time to post 😀 I’ll give you full credit 😉

    Mrkrabs987 Edit: Thanks monchocho 🙂

  2. Nice post! I noticed the same thing when I went to the command room for the field-ops today.

    ~Ashley Di

  3. Great post. Awesome watermark! 😀

    Staly Vegas Says: Why Thank You :’)

  4. Sweet post dude! I noticed that when I watched the video, but I am making a huge post with my theory. xD

    -Double Mvp

  5. Hey dude, you know you are on my blogroll?

    -Double Mvp

  6. Hey dude, what is the name of the font you used in your header?

    -Double Mvp

    Who is this question towards? Since STALY VEGAS Made it, Like he made ALL the graphics, pages, widgets on this website! The Font Is Burbank..

  7. Oh well I didn’t know that. x/

    -Double Mvp

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