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Just a Quick Update With News About This Website!

Hi Everyone! Staly Vegas here! As you have probably noticed, this website has had a new design for a few days now and if I’m honest, I think the new design is rocking! Anyway, If you follow Mrkrabs987 and Myself on Twitter, we have been tweeting some preview’s of new pages and some of them are now complete!

Current New Things:

  • We have got the domain ClubpenguinSV.com
  • New Website Design Including Header and widgets.
  • New How to Unlock your Items Online Page
  • New Club Penguin Mascots Page
  • New How to get your Stamp Book Page
  • New navigation buttons at the top which take you straight to another website.

Upcoming New Things

  • Re-doing most of the pages to make them simpler to follow! Plus New Ones!
  • Giveaway’s page coming! Plus, 2 CJ code’s being given away tomorrow!
  • New Banner, Add to your website, in exchange for our main blogroll.
  • Making an XAT chat where we will be giving away days and xats sometimes.

Anyway, There will be one more new upcoming thing but I haven’t discussed that with Mrkrabs987 yet! Although I think its a brilliant Idea, I still need to hit him up with it. I think you’ll love it though and it will really kick off this website! Can you guess what it is? Nope, I don’t think I made it Obvious! And its not a party.. 😉

If you have any Future Ideas for this website, Comment Them Too!


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