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Club Penguin Times Issue 254 Has Been Released Today!

Hello everyone! Staly vegas here and today, Club Penguin released a brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times Newspaper! Most of the newspaper is talking about the fall fair which is arriving to the Island on September 2nd but I will probably have to give Mrkrabs987 my penguin so that he can get me the items, since I’m going on holiday this Sunday for 2 weeks! Anywho, The fall fair is basically like a fair in real life!

Basically, at the fair you earn tickets and collect Prizes! The most common prize at the Fall fair is the Candy Floss! Firstly, the Pink Candy Floss were given away and then the Blue Candy Floss were given away. I’m possibly thinking that either one or the other is going to be given away this year, or possibly another colour?

Also, I think Toffee Apples will play a part in the fall fair too. Maybe a Toffee Apple may be a recent new pin arriving soon? Toffee apples made a big appearance in this Penguin Times, Issue.

Here is some Information about the Penguin times issue because the above about the Candy Floss and Toffee Apples, is just my Opinion and a guess that they will be appearing at this years fall fair so here, are some sure fire details on the New Penguin Times Newspaper:

  • Prepare for the Fair – A2 & A3
  • Save Your Igloo – A4 & A5
  • UpComing Events – C7 & C8

Awesome, right? there’s a whole new Clothing catalogue coming out soon too! Also, Fairy Fables returns to the island Stage on September 17th along with a new better igloo’s catalogue! What do you think about this Issue? Comment!

Comment your Thoughts And Ideas On This Issue!


One Response

  1. There is already a toffee apple pin

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