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Hey Guys!

Hey Penguins,

I’m back for you guys. Sorry I haven’t been posting very often here see since my computer had just got the new flash player 3 weeks ago, it wasn’t working for 1 week so I had to contact cp support and it was a big mess! Anyway I’m back and I started posting on my blog, too again. My membership on Bfsrsfwhmmvp had expired so now I have to use my other penguin member Silverend! Here’s a pic of my peng.

I don’t have regular safe chat because if anyone got their hands on it, they wouldn’t ban it that easily! Well, I will be posting new posts along with the Staff Members here at the best Cp Cheats! See Ya!

-Waddle On!


One Response

  1. Mr Krabs,

    I added you on my blog as an admin. Can you post on my blog if I ever don’t post like for a week! Don’t worry I won’t force you to post.


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