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New Club Penguin Squidzoid Postcard!

Hey Guys, Its update day blah blah you no the drill. This post is dedicated to the new postcard added today. As you know a new play came to the stage today,Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy + Gamma Gal. Take a look:

Its awesome right? They always bring a new postcard out just for the stage, It makes the stage feel…Special 🙂 Haha. Remember WE Are your number 1 cheats source!

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One Response

  1. i cant be asked to log into my account so it is actually me.

    nah ive quit cp but ill still look at your blog coz its so good. im wondering if you could make some of them awesome widgets for me.
    If possible could you make a reasonable medium sized banner linking to http://www.youtube.com/thesandhchannel.
    basically i need flashing lights saying KnightsWorld the free MMORPG .Can the KnightsWorld have two crossing swords the same size as the text in between knights and World. Can it flash Black and red on a background of which i will send u the picture of on an e-mail. if you can reply with an e-mail of yours which i can send it too, that’ll be great. can the background fade in of a picture of a castle and the picture of the dragon i will send via email could stand out on the left hand side of the castle. and the text standing out on the top of the screen with ‘the free MMORPG game’ smaller than the knightsworld with the two crossing swords.
    Thank you so much salty and of course, you and krabs carry on with the brilliant site.
    ummm yh the background pick can possibly be a castle which you could provide but i will provide you the dragon. i got that wrong in my last post. I just need an e-mail address of yours to send the dragon picture to

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