New Reviewed By You!

Hey Guys,

A new reviewed by you came out! This one was about what was your favorite fall fair games and hit it away Mr Bob 27:

Well,my favortie Fair game is Puffle Paddle. It’s super fun to see those puffles fly up and down! I also enjoy the Ballon Pop. But the best games are the ones I play with friends! Like a popcorn fight! Or hide and seek. Either way I love the Fair!

Cp wants to know for the next Reviewed by You:

This week we’re seeing tons of green puffles and (their owners!) playing Jet Pack Adventure. So we want to know – what other games do you think your puffles would like? Let us know in the comments.

-Waddle On!


One Response

  1. Why did you kick me off? I didn’t do anything wrong and you did add me after author contest so what’s the problem. Sometimes I really think you’re trying to make me mad by kicking me off your site and then putting me back on!!!

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