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Penguin Contest…

You can enter as many times as you want!

Hey Guys, Theres not much going on at the moment so Ive decided to hold a contest where you can Win…A blue lei or my Spare penguin! Heres the penguins…

Now there will be 1 round which is a Caption Contest, then the best Captions will be put into a poll and people will vote for their favourite! Now heres the caption picture:

The convosation is between me and the fish! Example:

Mrkrabs987:  Come on fish, Off to the pizza parlour so we can put you on the pizzas!

Fish: NOOOO! I wanna sit here and watch the blue sky never change!

Yes that was lame but its only an example, Each thing is aloud to say at the maximum 3 things each! The contest ends… Sunday 26th September! GET Commenting!



38 Responses

  1. mrkrabs:come on fishy your coming with me im going to eat you

    fish:no please dont if you do ill turn you into a fish like all the other fishes here

  2. Mrkrabs987: Eww! This fish must be rotten! I have known it for 3 years!

    Fish: Im a New fishy, they keep changing the boxes!

    I probabaly wont win but I tried my best!


    Mrkrabs987: Yeah, you!


  4. Mrkrabs987- Sup Fishy I Thought I Just Caught You??
    Fishes- Yes You Caught Me SLEEPING! Now Move!

  5. Fish: -whispers to other fish- “Look at that dude..looking at us”

    Mrkrabs987: I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID.

    Fish: Pssh..Yeah right.



  7. Mrkrabs987: Ooooh…. Fishies!! 😀
    Fish: Yes little penguin, come closer *laughs evil laugh*
    Lol, btw… Can i comment more than once? 🙂

  8. Mrkrabs987: YUM! Dinner!
    Fish: I know! Penguin is SO tasty!


  9. Fish: hey krabby! want a soda!

    MrKrabs987: ok! but you have to pay for it!

  10. mrkrabs987:Cmon is this the best pin Club Penguin could do

  11. I need to win:)

  12. mrkrabs987:Ah just what i WANT!
    fish:WANT?Im only a wet soppy fish

  13. I seriously can’t believe you deleted me from your site!

    ~Ashley Di

  14. Krabs: Mmmm, I think I know what I’m eating for dinner!

    Fish: Wait, don’t take us! Take… our brother, Mullet!

  15. Fish: Nooo! Please dont eat us!

    Mrkrabs987: What makes you think I was going to eat you?!

    Fish: Well, you do look kind of chunky…

  16. Fish 1: If you stay quiet he won’t see us!

    Fish 2: *Farts*

    Fish 1: I told you to stay quiet!

    Mrkrabs987: That wasn’t the Fish…

  17. Mrkrabs987: Haven’t those fish been there for about four years?
    Fish: Yeah, we’re bored!

  18. Krabs: I’m not good at hide and seek. Where are those fish!?

    Fish: Just kpee quiet and he won’t spot us.

    Another fish: HEY KRABS, OVER HERE!!!!

    Krabs: AHHH, it’s a talking Lighthouse!

  19. Krabs: I’m not good at hide and seek. Where are those fish!?

    Fish: Just keep quiet and he won’t spot us.

    Another fish: HEY KRABS, OVER HERE!!!!

    Krabs: AHHH, it’s a talking Lighthouse!

  20. Mrkrabs987: That bin must be pretty deep to hold all those fish for the pizza parlor!
    Fish: No, we just keep multiplying.

  21. Krabs: Ohh Im hungry

    Fish: Dont get any ideas!

    Krabs: I wasnt.

    Fish: good cause if yo- AHH STOP EATING ME!!

  22. Mrkrabs987: Wow, you have been here a long time. You must be really old!


  23. i need to win one penguin please i need it

  24. Fish: a Fish Gotta do what a fish gotta do..

    Mrkrabs987: Your Work Here Is done fishy, LUNCH TIME! 😀

  25. Mrkrabs987:Hello!Anybody there?
    Fish:Nope…all the fish are dead…just your imagination…
    AND If I could put Mrkrabs987 again he’d say:Who the?What the??I SERIOUSLY need to become a vegetarian…I eat too much fish chips…xD

  26. Mrkrabs987: Yo Fish,Come here for a sec..

    Fish: Okaly Dokely! *Falls Over To Krabby*


  27. Penguin: Hey fish what you doing,wait are you humping each other there?

    Fish:Umm well come back in 10 mins and i’ll awnser it

  28. Penguin: Hey fish what you doing,wait are you humping each other?

    Fish:Umm well can you come back in 10 mins

  29. plz choose me too win

  30. please make me win please MRKRABS

  31. MrKrabs987: So what do you do here all day?

    Fish: Think about all the women I could have talked to, but didnt…

  32. Hi There! 🙂
    Fish: Can someone take me off from this stinky net..?
    Penguin: I can if you take me out of this stinky island..

  33. Fish: Why are you wearing a cape if you can’t fly?
    Penguin: How are you talking without water -_-
    LOL xD
    -Ayush @oAyush

  34. The penguin: um Im hungry oh hey fishes what up
    The fish: Hey penguin
    The penguin: YUM
    The fish:NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!
    The penguin: mmmm Tasty

  35. Mrkrabs987: Wow, These fish have been sitting here since 2005, And nobody has took them…

    Fish: Actually people have tried … But Club Penguin said not to move so we don’t move

  36. Mr Krabs: Ohhh Yummy!
    Fish: I wouldn’t! I’ve been rotting here since 2005

  37. MrKrabs987: Ello Imma Eat you *SMACK* *SMACK*

    Fish: Noooo, Not me, pick bob im full of Fatt! AHHHGG!

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