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Penguin Contest Finalists!

The Poll is now up, Vote on right sidebar!

Hey guys, Well after over 30 entries Ive finnaly picked 10 out of the the entries! Well here are my favourite entries, And will be put into a poll!

Mrkrabs987: Yeah, you! ~iSpyPenguin~
Mrkrabs987- Sup Fishy I Thought I Just Caught You??
Fishes- Yes You Caught Me SLEEPING! Now Move! ~YouSpyMe~
Krabs: Mmmm, I think I know what I’m eating for dinner!
Fish: Wait, don’t take us! Take… our brother, Mullet! ~DoubleMvp~
Fish 1: If you stay quiet he won’t see us!
Fish 2: *Farts*
Fish 1: I told you to stay quiet!
Mrkrabs987: That wasn’t the Fish… ~theclubpenguinstar~
Krabs: Ohh Im hungry
Fish: Dont get any ideas!
Krabs: I wasnt.
Fish: good cause if yo- AHH STOP EATING ME!! ~Giant89~
Fish: a Fish Gotta do what a fish gotta do..
Mrkrabs987: Your Work Here Is done fishy, LUNCH TIME ~Oreo2319~
Fish: Can someone take me off from this stinky net..?
Penguin: I can if you take me out of this stinky island.. ~Ayush~
Mr Krabs: Ohhh Yummy!
Fish: I wouldn’t! I’ve been rotting here since 2005 ~Revgreen~
Mrkrabs987: YUM! Dinner!
Fish: I know! Penguin is SO tasty! ~stralis~
Mrkrabs987: Ooooh…. Fishies!!
Fish: Yes little penguin, come closer *laughs evil laugh* ~Monkeey96~

Now those 10 Penguin names will be put into a poll and put on the right sidebar, Then voting will end Sometimes next month Proberly Saturday 9th!



5 Responses

  1. I must admit, Stralis has the best caption. BUT


    -Double Mvp

  2. I don’t mean to sound rude, but Oreo is much more famous than almost every penguin in the voting, and he can use his fame as an advantage to gain tons of undeserved votes.

    -Double Mvp

  3. Well, who wouldn’t do that? xD

  4. vote for oreo2319 or YOUR WORK HERE IS DONE

  5. Oh well I simply adore Giant89 so I VOTE FOR G!

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