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Happy New Year!

Hello penguins! As the year reaches its close i just want to take my time to say thank you for everyone that has supported me through thick and thin, and didnt ignore me when I died xD And came back! This year has had lots of ups and downs, from falling out with Sam[Salty] and then being mates again tehe, to making new friends, like Beckii! Many awesome people have supported all through this year like… Amber,Soccerlova,Penguin75297,Bond981,Lizard,Mattybon,Raees7866, theres much more but i would be here through 2011 naming them all 😉 But I just hope this next year as as good as the last, you never know what lies ahead but hopefully something good, filled with new memories and new friends!

Happy New Year to everyone in the snow covered Island, and to everyone else!


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  1. 😀 aesome cp site

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