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Hello, Once Again!

Hey Guys. Its Mrkrabs987, if you followed my twitter you would of known I quit again but I didnt announce it on here. Over the past few days I was thinking to give Club Penguin 1 last chance. After what GooglebgCP said to me, it just made me smile So I thought… Lets give it a ago.

I will be on twitter on my club penguin account. http://www.twitter.com/mrkrabs987 I will be on Club Penguin. But I need some help, I’m lost with the update times. I made need an author, I will but I know because this site is just dead no-one wants to be an author, But that’s okay, in a way. :/

Overall I’m back to CP Tweeting, and blogging, but don’t expect amazing posts for now, because I’m lost with club penguin at the moment.



One Response

  1. I will be an author

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