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New Club Penguin EPF Message From Dot!

Hey Guys, Today Theres been a new message recieved on our Spy Phones from Agent Dot reply to Jet Pack Guys ‘JPG’ message. Its regarding Herbert and wanting to work with us. Lets Take a Look;

The Message Reads;
”Thats true JPG, But I think Herbert has realized how dangerous Protobot is. If he’s willing to help us, I saw we accept.”
Interesting, What do you guys think? Would you trust Herbert or would you say no?



Club Penguin Puffles Missing! [Fixed]

Hello Guys, sorry for not posting when I said I would, Im going to make sure that I will post now, Anyways. So today, I logged on to Club Penguin to check whats going down in the snow covered island! Now Club Penguin has been having a lot of bugs recently right? Well I went to my igloo… Don’t ask why Im not a member, but I realised that my 2 puffles (Red and Blue 1s) were both missing! :O Take a look:

Thats silly, Club penguin need to start fixing some of these bugs!


Happy New Year!

Hello penguins! As the year reaches its close i just want to take my time to say thank you for everyone that has supported me through thick and thin, and didnt ignore me when I died xD And came back! This year has had lots of ups and downs, from falling out with Sam[Salty] and then being mates again tehe, to making new friends, like Beckii! Many awesome people have supported all through this year like… Amber,Soccerlova,Penguin75297,Bond981,Lizard,Mattybon,Raees7866, theres much more but i would be here through 2011 naming them all 😉 But I just hope this next year as as good as the last, you never know what lies ahead but hopefully something good, filled with new memories and new friends!

Happy New Year to everyone in the snow covered Island, and to everyone else!

New Club Penguin Pin + Fireworks!

Hey guys, Its update time again! Theres a new newspaper out. But this post is focused on the new pin and the fireworks at the ski hill! The fireworks are also at the iceberg! The new pin is ‘Party Favors Pin’
Heres how to get it!
1.Open your map.
2.Go to the Ski hill.
3.Walk over to the pin!

The fireworks are here for new year! I hope all you guys have had a brilliant new years, like me, and I hope you have a great and amazing 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Club Penguins Favourite Pirate Is Leaving Today!

Hey Guys. Today is 27th December, and Today Rockhopper leaves the Island! 😦 He’s been hear for a while now, but Ive only just known about him being here because Ive not been here so you know! If you still havent found Rockhopper, I suggest you use http://www.jmann93.com ‘s Tracker!

Dont forget to get his items by going into the ship. The globe head item is for everyone and so is the background. If you need coins I suggest Puffle Round Up! Members have a furniture item and 3 tops! Be quick he leaves today!


Whats Coming Up In Club Penguin This October!

Hey Guys, Its September 28th and September is coming to close for this year, This has been a slow month to be honest! Next month is an action packed month for club penguin and the 3rd Best month in life! HALLOWEEN IS IN OCTOBER! Woop!


Heres some cool stuff to look forward to in October on Club Penguin:

  • Halloween costumes! Look for new and old favorites in the Penguin Style catalog early this month.
  • Halloween Igloo Contest – decorators should look out for a new contest starting October 15.
  • Stamps – earn new stamps for your collections this month.
  • Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party – the island turns 5 years old on October 24!
  • The island’s annual Halloween Party – including a new member maze called the “Dark Chamber”!

I really need to buy a membership this month, So I can get the costumes, Take part in the igloo contest and Take part in the maze!

I cant wait for the Anniversary party to get the new hat! 😀 What is your favourite thing this month? Drop us a comment!

Club Penguin Field Op #16

Hey Guys, the brand new field op is out, Its number 16. WOW! 16 Weeks of field ops it only feels like last week That the 1st one was out! Anyhow heres the mission!

Now to find the curtain go to the Dance lounge and at the curtain where you never see behind! Like so:

Now once you’ve walked to where I am, your phone will flash green and then you can complete the old mini game! CP Get a life and make a new Game. Thanks!