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New Club Penguin EPF Message From Dot!

Hey Guys, Today Theres been a new message recieved on our Spy Phones from Agent Dot reply to Jet Pack Guys ‘JPG’ message. Its regarding Herbert and wanting to work with us. Lets Take a Look;

The Message Reads;
”Thats true JPG, But I think Herbert has realized how dangerous Protobot is. If he’s willing to help us, I saw we accept.”
Interesting, What do you guys think? Would you trust Herbert or would you say no?



New Club Penguin Pin + Fireworks!

Hey guys, Its update time again! Theres a new newspaper out. But this post is focused on the new pin and the fireworks at the ski hill! The fireworks are also at the iceberg! The new pin is ‘Party Favors Pin’
Heres how to get it!
1.Open your map.
2.Go to the Ski hill.
3.Walk over to the pin!

The fireworks are here for new year! I hope all you guys have had a brilliant new years, like me, and I hope you have a great and amazing 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Club Penguins Favourite Pirate Is Leaving Today!

Hey Guys. Today is 27th December, and Today Rockhopper leaves the Island! 😦 He’s been hear for a while now, but Ive only just known about him being here because Ive not been here so you know! If you still havent found Rockhopper, I suggest you use http://www.jmann93.com ‘s Tracker!

Dont forget to get his items by going into the ship. The globe head item is for everyone and so is the background. If you need coins I suggest Puffle Round Up! Members have a furniture item and 3 tops! Be quick he leaves today!


New Club Penguin Pin Cheat – The Boot Pin Has Been Released On Club Penguin!

Hey Everyone! Club Penguin have released a cool new pin called ‘Buckle Boot Pin’ today, The ClubpenguinSV team will be showing you how to pick up the New Club Penguin Pin. Just follow these Simple Instructions. Easy enough?

  1. Log onto Your Club Penguin Account.
  2. Open up your map in the Lower left hand corner.
  3. Go to the ‘Town’ and Go inside The ‘Night Club’.
  4. Go upstairs into the Dance lounge.

Awesome, right? I think this is a really cool pin, don’t you think? Wanna know a fact? ClubpenguinSV have posted over 5 posts today giving you all the Club Penguin Cheats you need. So make sure to scroll down and check them out, Maybe leave us a little comment? :]

Please comment and let us know what you think of this post.

-ClubpenguinSV Main Owner and Designer, Staly Vegas