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Penguin Contest…

You can enter as many times as you want!

Hey Guys, Theres not much going on at the moment so Ive decided to hold a contest where you can Win…A blue lei or my Spare penguin! Heres the penguins…

Now there will be 1 round which is a Caption Contest, then the best Captions will be put into a poll and people will vote for their favourite! Now heres the caption picture:

The convosation is between me and the fish! Example:

Mrkrabs987:  Come on fish, Off to the pizza parlour so we can put you on the pizzas!

Fish: NOOOO! I wanna sit here and watch the blue sky never change!

Yes that was lame but its only an example, Each thing is aloud to say at the maximum 3 things each! The contest ends… Sunday 26th September! GET Commenting!



Mini Club Penguin Guess That Room Contest!

Hey guys, Today Ive decided to hold a little fun contest…Guess that room. I will post 6 pictures below, with a blury effect and you will have to comment what those 6 rooms are. The winners will go into a list and have there site link. So when you have commented with your answer include your website.

Picture 1:

[Click for bigger view]
Picture 2:

[Click For Bigger View]
Picture 3:

[Click For Bigger View]
Picture 4:

[Click For Bigger View]
Picture 5:

[Click For Bigger View]
Picture 6:

[Click for bigger view]

Winners List:
My Feets So cold

Right they are the 6 pictures, There easy because I didnt put much effect on them ahah, Anyhow dont forget to include your website address so I can put your website link with your name. Get commenting.