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Club Penguin Kingdom Penguin Of The Month!

Hello Penguins, As Of Today, I Will Be Starting A Igloo Of The Month! Every Month I Will Post The New Igloo Winner Selected From My Buddy List And a Twitter Follow.
August Penguin Of The Month:

Reason: I chose soccerlova67 because shes a pwning person, And is nice to talk to. And has been talking to me because I was bored XD Your the best sis 😉
Couldnt think of anything to put LOL


Good Luck



14 Responses

  1. wish i was there but oh well 🙂 congrats Penguin75297 😀 x

  2. Awww thanks for the Penguin of the Month… your super cool anyway!

  3. okk this is a good

  4. Thanks Mr.Awesome Guy, if I could do it, it’ll be you!

  5. Congratz to the winners! You are awesome (so are u mrkrabs, lol)! Plz check out my site. Its cool.

  6. awww,thanks bro! 😉

  7. AWESOME!!! Thanks Krabby! 😀

  8. Congrats to you both!

    ~Ashley Di

  9. You need to update this (:

  10. go on the buddy list and write henrytran45 hes a really rare penguin

  11. you look so ansome!!!!!!!!!! girl

  12. you look cool aksgirl on clubpenguin send me a friend thing.

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