How To Earn Coin Bags On Club Penguin, Puffle Rescue

Hey Guys, As You may know Yesterday Club penguin updated again ,about 3 hours after they updated the field op, surprisingly. They brought some new stamps and rockhopper moved closer. Now on the puffle rescue stamps there is 2 where you have to earn coin bags. Now I’ll tell you how to earn 1 coin bag:

Now play puffle rescue, and choose the blue puffle game. Now complete all levels until you get to level 7.Now once your on level 7 walk over all the cracks so they crack like this:

Sorry its bad quality the game was running slow. Now you have cracked every single crack a money bag will appear and it will go straight to your coins. Now to earn 2 coin bags:

Now play puffle rescue, and select the blue puffle game again. Complete all levels up to level 8. Now when you are on level 8. You will see a balloon with a key attached to it.Also, to see the the balloon with the key you have to have collected the 1st coin bag. Now you have to knock the balloon up by jumping on the iceblocks where the balloon is. Keep hitting up until you knock it into the key hole where the balloon will pop and the key will go in.

As you can see Im just about to knock the balloon up to the key hole so it pops, and then the key will magically unlock the hole. And you will recieve your coin bag like this:

Now you have collected 2 coin bags. The next level you have to light up balloons if you have done all of the above. But its confusing so I dont know what to do yet but Im working on it. Remember WE are your number 1 cheats source

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