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Club Penguin Mascots Information and Backgrounds!

Hey Everyone! This page is Dedicated to the Club Penguin Mascots! Club Penguin mascots are owned by the Club Penguin team and the mascots usually come to the snowy island when events are happening or a special day is occurring. However, there is a total of 6 Club Penguin Mascots and Today, I’m going to show you them all and tell you a little bit about them! Firstly, My favourite character, Rockhopper!

Captain Rockhopper is a pirate who sails the sea’s to find special treasures and goodies! Every 2-3 Months he docks the Island to sell what he has found and he gives a free item away too (For those non members). He usually stays for about 3-5 days and he also comes for Special events such as Parties, Christmas, Easter, ect. He waddles around Club Penguin while his ship is docked at the beach! He waddles around with his Red Puffle, Yarr and if you meet him, click on his playercard and receive his free about which he gives away each time he docks The Snowy Island!

Aunt Arctic is the main writer for the Penguin Times! The Penguin Times come’s out every week and Aunt Arctic answers 2 questions from penguins like us who have sent her a question to her column. If you want to send her a question, in luck, you might get in published, go to the “Help” Section of the penguins times Newspaper! She very rarely waddles around Club Penguin! I think shes appeared around the island at the most, 3 times. If you have come across her, you are extremely Lucky.

Gary the Gadget guy, otherwise known as ‘G’ is a famous Club Penguin Inventer. Most things around Club Penguin, Including the Switchbox 3000 and Pizzatron 3000, G Invented. He sets us on secret tasks and missions around the HQ! He also created the Spy phone which each Spy on Club Penguin Has got on the left hand side of their screen. He helped penguins fly by creating the game ‘Jet pack adventure’ too. He also rarely visits the Island and Has only be spotted on 4 Occasions!

DJ Cadence is the DJ of the island. She likes to party like there’s no tomorrow. She brought the free item ‘Boombox’ in the last visit which is now a hit with the island.  She comes sometimes in the Music Jam, and the 1st time she visited the island was in the Dance a Thon party! She has an awesome background which has not yet to change. So when she nexts visits don’t forget to click on her player card and click the box to receive her background. You never no, Next time she visits she so could have a brand new background.

The sensei is the master of Card Jitsu. The master of all elements, Fire and soon to be water and ice. You can find him in the Dojo on his mat, You can even challenge him to a game of Card jitsu. The sensei normally visits the island when something to do with Card jitsu happens, Like a new element. Remember when sensei nexts visits, Dont forget to click on him and click on the box to recieve his background to wear on your penguin. You never know next time he logs on he may have a new background.

The Penguin band, is the band of the island. They visit during the Music jam. They last visited in the latest music jam. When the music jam is here, they play at the iceberg, And then take a break and visit backstage. Back in 2006 they had a different background which is now pretty rare. There old background is much better than there new one. Remember they could have a new background when they next visit!

Comment your thoughts on this page! Also can you tell the difference, the awesome graphics made by salty, and the last 2 I made haha!


16 Responses

  1. i love club penguin and i want the backgrounds

  2. The only one I wanna meet is Sensei. He’s so awesome.

  3. I only met Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, and Rookie.l

  4. i only met rockhopper

  5. i want the beding

  6. cooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  7. i met penguin band cadence gary sensei

  8. is there any particular servers and rooms they go in ?

  9. hello

  10. i want to met is sensei pls

  11. i got all of there backgrounds

  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hello im logging on club penguin right now try to meet me!

  14. rookie!!!!! don’t you dare

  15. both of you nock it off!

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