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In Memory Of Freddyp9!

Warning This Page May Upset you 😥

Hello Guys, This page is dedicated to the amazing Freddyp9,god rest is soul. He unfortunately passed away March 1st 2010! His site was http://www.cppenguincrew.com Here is his penguin!

One of the last remembered tweets from Pizzacp is this below!

[Click for bigger view]
Freddyp9 was one of the best people around, He loved to party with everyone he knew even people he didnt know.He talked to everybody that wanted to talk to him. But Freddy was in alot of pain before he died, but now hes in comfort resting in peace! Just remember all the good times we had with him! Lets forgot bad times[if he ever had any] and remember all the good times!

Here Is His Story…

Freddyp9CP Started Off As Just Another CP Blogger Nothing Specail But He Teamed Up With Zxz192 And Made A Now Very Popular Blog… But They Had A Few Fights And Broke Up The Blog Team But Freddy Kept Postin,g And In The End They Became Very Close Friends Again …

But Here Is What I Found Out On New Years Eve/New Years Day…

Freddyp9CP Was Diagnosed With Diabetes When He Was Only 11 He Was Fine And Would Still Be Fine If This Next Thing Had Not Happened…

But On Christmas Eve 2008 Something Happened To Freddyp9CP That Changed Everything. He Was In A Car Crash His Mum Was Killed In Front Of His Very Eyes. And He Was Hurt Badly, He Had Punctured His Kindey At The Time It Wasnt Fatal But It Became Fatal.

Please Don’t Be Sad Freddy Isnt He Puts On A Brave Face And Pulls Himself Through All The Things Life Puts At Him. He Treats Each One Of His Fans Like Friends And Comes To People Partys And Replys To Their Tweets Not Many People Do This.

But On New Years Eve Freddyp9CP Broke The News Which Insipired Me To Make This Page, And Made Many People Including Me Cry (For Me I Cryed Alot!!!) And His Close Friend Zxz192 Said He Was Quiting When He Heard This News I Dont Know If He Still Is Or Not At This Momment In Time But Anyway…

He Told Us He Was Dying, That The Doctors Had Told Him He Has 3 Months To Live.

Thanks to Icemaster for this information!

R.I.P. Freddo  We miss you :’)



18 Responses

  1. This is soo sweet of you to do this:)
    I know this is sad but now hes not suffering anymore.
    Freddy was a lovable and friendly person.
    May he never be forgotten :’]

  2. Awww! This is so kind! In Memories of Freddy! We’ll miss you man!! 😥

  3. I never knew him but my best friend did, she said he was one of the most kindest, nicest person ever, and I believe her. May he Rest in Peace.

  4. Freddy will NEVER be forgotten we WILL miss you 😥

  5. Also my GrandFather has Diabetes and my other GrandMother died of cancer when she was 64 in March, she lives in Germany and I live in New-Zealand so I only ever saw her 4 times in my whole life. Life Is Unfair. Most of the good and kind people get nothing while the mean get all of the money.

  6. I was there when he gave the news, and I was quite young, y’know… But he could of been lieing. There is no proof. :/ It’s sad, but I’m not believiving it.

  7. yea its sad its good u can make memories but he was also my friend….. 😦

  8. Aww poor him! =( and also thats my dogs birthday (Dylan!)

  9. Salty!!! where did you get the whole information from because that is all copyied from my in memory of freddyp9cp page that has been deleted :@ 😦 it took me ages to write that!!!

    Mrkrabs987: I wrote most of that, And I used some of Icemasters information?

  10. I Knew him on my previous blog and Not alot of people did the sort of things he did R.I.P :(:(:(:(:(

  11. My cat died that very same day tht he said he had 3 months to live

  12. wait a second MARCH 1ST IS MY BIRTHDAY!

  13. omg i feel so sad for the loss, his mom killed right before his eyes, i wish that never happened, once again i feel sad for the loss of freddy and his mom 😦 but he is probably happy in heaven with god and jesus and everybody, even my grandparents that died, once more, im so sorry for the loss of a good friend, and god pulled him home, who knows what may happen, you may meet him in a different life(aka he might be reborn) ONCE MORE im so sorry for the loss,

  14. ;(

  15. Wow. That IS painful.. I can imagine him.. :/.

  16. Freddy, I miss you so much! Rest in peace dude, rest in peace. 😥

  17. I remember the times I had with Freddy. We were friends, and we talked alot…when he said he was going to die, I was really mad, and was kinda like you, Mrkrabs987…We were real close friends like alot of people were with him…It was fun, but he’s better now…Tomorrow, 9 months since. I still can’t believe it. He was never mad (from what I’ve seen), He was kind and never ignored or did anything to people. He was just the best person to be friends with…I wish he was here today, but he’s now somewhere BETTER…

  18. (That comment date is wrong).

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