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Hey Peeps, This is the contest page where you find contests that Arent giveaways or author contests.
First Contest:
Spot The Difference. Below is two pictures of the Club Penguin homepage. The top one is the proper 1 the 2nd one is the one with differences. If you guys are stuck ill give you some hints if you ask!

Differencet one:

There is 10 Differences Take a picture of the one with the differences and circle the things that are different, Ask nicely and ill give you some hints.
You have until Saturday 12th June, i will put all the people that have 10,9,8 or 7 of the differences into a hat, then i will draw a penguin out and the winner gets a Card Jitsu Code! So in your comment put your penguin name!

Click the images to see bigger image!



4 Responses

  1. orange penguin is red, yellow thing on light house, blue penguins eye,star fish, night club has black all over it,

  2. 1. yellow paint pole
    2. red penguin
    3. guide missing eye
    4. no ski chairs
    5. no strobe lights
    6. no star fish
    7. missing a mountain
    8. missing a spot
    9. no question mark
    10. and no stand for a bridge

    i know my CP
    p.s. used my glasses

  3. 1. the tour penguin has 1 eye
    2. the light house has an yellow stripe
    3. the orange penguin is red
    4. the green penguin speaking bubble doesn’t have an ? on it
    5. one stick is missing at the dock
    6. on the ski hill theres only 4
    7. the mountain is missing
    8. the night club light isn’t on
    9. theres no hole is on ski village
    10. the starfish is gone

  4. So,here are the differences-

    1. The lighthouse, one part is colored yellowish
    2. The tour guides eye is missing
    3. The penguin sitting on the floor looking at the yellow puffle has been colored into a dark orange kinda
    4. Star Fish is missing
    5. mountain is missing
    6. the lights of night club is missing
    i can’t explain the rest so here is a picture with all differences- http://i26.tinypic.com/2m3mpsx.png
    I found all ten, if i am the only contestant then i have won! if i have won send me the code at rishabhcoolyeah@gmail.com! also check out my site rerocker.in

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